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Time-based delivery...other ideas?


I have two guys on daylight helpdesk who are on-call after hours on alternating weeks. I want helpspot to deliever helpdesk emails to the right ‘on-call’ guy via SMS after 6pm each day, but to alternate which guy gets paged every other week.

Here is how I am handling this now:

  1. I have 2 sets of Mail and Automation Rules…one set for Allan; one set for Andy.
  2. 1 guy’s rules are turned off.
  3. I have a weekly cron job that runs every Sunday night and uses a MYSQL script to disable Andy’s Mail rules and to enable Allan’s mail rules (or vice versa).

Is there a more elegant (more simple) way to do this that I’m missing?


Hi Mark,

That’s probably the best way to handle it for now. We’re looking into adding some schedule features to the system so that it can know who’s working when, but that’s down the road. No current ETA, still in the thinking phase.