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Time Tracker, wonkiness?


Today I was fiddling with the Time Tracker in a ticket. A few observations:

  1. the grey font of the, er, timeticker field (the hh:mm:ss counting display) is very difficult to read, is there a reason this and the description field couldn’t be black?

  2. The way this works seems a little unpredictable. If I click the green arrow, starting the timer, then fill in a description after a minute and press the ‘log time’ button (without clicking the red dot stop button), the time is logged and the counter is cleared.

But if I start the timer, then click the stop button, then click the log time button, the time will be logged, but the counter WAS NOT cleared - clicking the green arrow again starts it where it was when last stopped.

The problem with this second behaviour is that the totalizer will then show the wrong number of minutes. Example:

00:04 stop button and log time
(start button)
00:04 wait one second, stop button and log time

00:08 < but elapsed time was 00:04:01

(I hope the format of the above is preserved - a preview button would be good here!)

  1. Personally, I like and could really use the time tracker function as is - it’s a very nice way to quickly document call progression. But I think it would be a lot better with the above behaviour fixed (always clear the timeticker field before starting another clock) AND the addition of a ‘clock time’ column, like so:

12:21 PM 00:04 Cust describing problem
12:41 PM 00:20 Changed foo, bar, and baz
12:45 PM 00:04 Demonstrated changes to cust


my $0.02,



Hi Bryan,

This definitely sounds like a bug. I’ve logged it and hopefully we’ll get it fixed in time for the next release.

I also like the idea of the clock time display, either a full column or a way to quickly see the clock time. We’ll have to play with the UI on that but I’ve added it to the list of features to review.