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Tip: Custom Fields


This question came in a bit ago, I thought it would be useful to share.

This is what I DID:
Current customer input has a question “Is this request urgent?:” with a Yes or No.

This is what I EXPECTED to happen:
I find that people have different concepts of “urgent”

This is what ACTUALLY happened:
What would be great is for people to put when then need it done by. Like time intervals, some numeric, some descriptive.

“I need this done immediately”
“I need this done in the next hour”
“I need this done in the next 4 hours”
“I need this done in the next 24 hours”
“I need this done in sometime within 3 days”


Sure you can do that. Here’s how:

  1. Setup a custom request field in admin->tools->custom fields, I would select the list type. Add the ones you want in the list.
  2. Part of the setup asks you if you want the field to be available on the public request form. Select that you do.
  3. If you want it to be required indicate that.
  4. Done

Now they’ll select from that drop down list of choices. You may also want to go into the template and remove the urgent question. I’ll be posting instructions on that tomorrow, but the quick version is that to do it safely you should copy the template you want to customize (/helpspot/templates/request.tpl.php) to the /custom_templates folder. HelpSpot will pick up that it’s there and use your custom version instead.

You can also then use the filter feature of the workspace to create filters for the different levels of urgency.