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tNote missing from request in Zapier


I have been using Zapier to successfully take in data from a webhooked request and create a new one with the original’s note body prior to the upgrade to version 4.6.6. I may possibly be missing something but ever since the upgrade the Zap has been failing because the tNote field is missing from the Data In that Zapier is receiving. The previous successful zaps seemed to receive updates from other mail rules or automations and still contained the tNote field, so i don’t believe the order the rules are running is causing this but I could be wrong. Does anyone know what could cause this , and what I should be looking at to fix this?


Hey there. I just ran a test on 4.6.6 and I was seeing the tnote come in through to zapier. You could try posting a test webhook to to see what the raw webhook call contains. If you can post your results from that, it may help.


So I used that site to test some things and at first was seeing the tNote field, however after letting it re-run the rule a few times I captured something similar to what I was seeing in Zapier. So even thought the automation rule was running only 1-2 mins after ticket creation the data it would send had already been altered too much to reliably use. I was successful in testing the webhook portion of the automation rule as a trigger and I am going to convert them to a trigger as I believe it is running early enough to actually get the tNote field then.


That site helped me get to the root cause, the automation rule was indeed running too late to get the proper fields, by converting it to a trigger I was able to capture the necessary data and it has been working smoothly. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. You guys have great support!


Glad that got you going in the right direction!