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Todayboard Filtered view


Can you please enable the TodayBoard to be modified and saved in a filtered view?
I don’t want it for the whole company, I want it for my team (list of individuals).

It looks like a great chart, but it does not give us any actionable steps for us to average all the support groups together into one team.


So you mean to be able to display the todayboard for just a certain group of people right? That’s an interesting idea. That and/or providing more graphing/reporting insights to filters are things we’re considering.


Yes exactly. We would like to be able to see the TodayBoard for only a group of people, or for a set of categories. (example: Support Categories, or Client Service Categories)


Yeah, I think we’re more likely to go the route of providing some more visualization options for every filter but something in this area would be a nice enhancement.