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Tracing LiveLookup Progress


We are having some intermittent performance issues on our LiveLookup requests.

The application handling the LiveLookup requests is not on the same server HelpSpot runs on.

We’ve added some logging to the LiveLookup application and it shows the application is returning quickly. So we would think the delay is either in network transit or inside of HelpSpot.

I believe the requests in our Apache https request log with “action=livelookup” represent the actual receipt of the live lookup request form the web browser.

Is there a way for HelpSpot or PHP to log when it receives the response from the LiveLookup
application and when it returns the response to the web client?

UPDATE: We determined the following after a bit more testing and log analysis:

  1. Most of the elapsed time (30 to 90 seconds) is between pressing the “Live Lookup” tab and the request showing up in the Apache HTTPS request log.
  2. This is only happening in the FireFox browser. In Chrome the LiveLookup returns almost instantaneously.
  3. On another HelpSpot install both FireFox and Chrome perform equally well, not problem.

Any further thoughts or ideas?

Thanks to all - Richard