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Tracking items?


We use our licenses at a medium sized school district. We are in need of a way to track when we use consumable parts at schools. Similar to the time tracker, when we distribute a new laptop charger we need a way to track that the item went to a certain school so we can bill them later. Is there a plugin or anything we can use in conjunction with helpspot (or a built in feature) that would do this?


Hi Ian

There’s no built-in functionality for this, but it is possible to create something that interacts/integrates with HelpSpot.

For example, Live Lookup ( can be used to get information INTO HelpSpot from other systems.

Conversely, the API Request Push ( might be useful for putting data from HelpSpot into other systems.

So HelpSpot can likely integrate with a third-party solution to track items for your purposes, but itself cannot do the tracking.