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Tracking Status Change


Hi Ian, and the rest

We implementing our fourth installation of HS on-premises at present. We currently use it for the following:

  • IT Helpdesk
  • Development Bug Tracking
  • Procurement Tracking
  • HSECQ Event Management

HS works fantastically as an issue tracking platform, and the extensibility of the Portal system allows us to customize the front-end for whatever we need.

One requirement common to all of the above systems though, that HS currently doesnt help us with, is status change tracking.
All types of tickets have a life cycle (eg Open->Active->Closed) and the management always want statistics on average time between statuses.

So my question is - what’s your recommendation for tracking average time for tickets to change status? Ie I need a way to tell the time between all status changes for all tickets. Here’s my ideas:

  • On a daily basis, iterate over the hs_request_history table and use a regex to match any “Staus changed from X to Y” messages, nothing the time stamp. These status changes and their times can be stored in a separate DB
  • Use a HS trigger to log any status changes to a new DB. Can HS run a trigger on ANY status change? Or do we need to specify the from and to changes?

Any other options built-in that I’ve missed?



Hi Sam,

Great to hear it’s working out well for you!

I think you’re on the right track. You could do a trigger with the status “changed” option and then have an action of request push which will send the request to a script that can then update your separate table.

Another option would be to use a database trigger (within the DB itself) and have that DB trigger update a related table for tracking the change info.