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Transitioning to Secondary Portal


In order to prepare for a multi-region rollout of an existing HS install, we’re going to move our current Primary portal to a Secondary portal.

The challenge I’m having is that at any point in time we have over 150 tickets open and active.

In my testing, once the Primary portal was moved to Secondary, it was impossible for a client to log in and see their open tickets.

What can be done here?



By manually changing the values in certain fields within the HS_Request table, I was able to get a ticket listed in the Request History.

  • fOpenedVia => 7
  • xPortal => 2

We could potentially apply this DB-level change to all tickets, thus moving them from the “Primary” portal and over to the “Secondary”.

Do you see any issues with data in other tables this could cause?


Hi Ian,

Yes, that looks good. I don’t see any issues that should cause, but always good to backup before making that update query :slight_smile: