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Trial - portal looks funny


My portal is kind of odd looking - i took a screen shot but can’t upload it here, unfortunately.

I see “Home,” “Submit A Request,” and “Check On A Request” - with a search field and a dropdown for knowledge books - but no books show up (I have created one) and no “table of contents” (such as yours on the upper left of your portal).

Am I missing something pretty straightforward here?


I should have said “upper right of your portal.”


You can see it here however:


Are the knowledge books set to “Private”? If so, they will not be visible on the portal - only from within helpspot for logged in users.


Update: This was due to a new mysql connection being established in Mark’s header template that used the same connection parameters. By default this will override the original connection. The solution was to specify the 4th parameter in mysql_connect to true to force a new connection and then in mysql_select_db be sure to pass in a reference to this new connection.


Thanks to Ian for excellent support.