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Trial Questions


I’m working in a hosted trial - really trying to learn which elements are brand customizable and which are not.

  1. Autoreply email - the template of this email, from the colors to the text (can I edit this, and where?)
  2. Helpspot plug at the footer of the autoreply - can I remove it?
  3. Request history - color template and is there a location for a logo?

Those are a good start if anyone has feedback for me.

Thank you!


HI Miranda,

  1. Yes, you can edit the email template for an auto reply in the mailboxes settings, near the bottom. In a hosted trial you can’t see this screen because we don’t allow you to edit the mailboxes, but it can be edited.

  2. There’s no HelpSpot plug in the emails, however, there is one on the portal. The portal can be customized to remove that.

  3. Not sure exactly what you mean by request history. If you mean in the staff area of the website you can adjust the theme in Admin->Customize->Themes and set a logo in the top header in Admin->Settings->System