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Trial version of the software is looping emails


We are trying out the helpspot software it is pulling PBX voicemail recordings which we have 3 of them in our Outlook mailbox. The problem is it has created over 499 tickets from these 3 voicemails over the weekend. It seems every 5 mins it pulls the same 3 voicemail emails and creates a ticket for them over and over. It is not removing the emails from the mailbox nor is it picking any other email in the inbox that are non voicemail related. When testing the email connection settings the test passes.


Hi there, I’m create a request in our helpdesk for you with these same instructions please follow these debugging steps and send the results in through the new request you will be emailed:

  1. Head to Admin > System > Email Integration and turn “Enable tasks.php Debugging Output” to “Yes”. Click “Save Settings” to save that.
  2. When you’re logged into HelpSpot, you’ll be on the “admin.php” page (for example, In your browser, replace “admin.php” and any text after it, and put “tasks.php” in its place - for example
  3. Running this page will have HelpSpot run tasks.php and attempt to pull in new emails. You’ll see any errors HelpSpot has here.

Copy and paste any output from tasks.php to us, and we can help debug what the issue is.