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Trigger creating


hello guys! i am craeteing a trigger and i have some problems with it
purpose: i have a mailbox and MANY emails go to it, so I need to ‘catch’ some exact emails with some exact phrase in email body to separate such emails to some specific category and send an appropriate autoreply

trigger options:

  • upon new request
  • correct mailbox
  • note body containt “some exact phrase”

what i get - about 70% of emails are triggered properly, but other part - no…the options should be ‘true’ fffor such emails, but trigger does not work (
please advise what i am doing wrong, maybe you can share detailed manuals for trigger creation

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In the false positives that it’s catching can you inspect the original eml file and see if that string is included in maybe a comment or other areas?

Also what version are you running? This can be found from the admin tab or in the footer of the app.


hello! many thanks to your reply, i appreciate! could you please advise on how to get this done? what should i do?
also we have v3.1.8

thanks in advance!


If you don’t have the original another way could be to find a false positive and then select “show source” from note.

You may also want to share a screenshot of your trigger here just so we have a better understanding of what you have setup.


hey Eric, thanks for your reply! my trigger literally looks like this:
open/closed - now is - open
mailbox - now is - correct_mailbox
note body - now contains - some_part_of_text_from_emailbody

i have compared the source of good (where it worked) and bad (when did not) emails and here are how the place with some_part_of_text_from_emailbody looks in both of them, maybe the devil is hiding somewhere in here:

could you please advise why it happens like that? looks like helpspot can not catch anything inside the div tag, at least this is how it looks like now

I appreciate your help!


hey, please help! :slight_smile:


I tested this (the div tag) on our latest version, 4.5.11 and it appears that this is fixed. I would recommend upgrading our install to the latest version.


i appreciate your help! i think we will try to upgrade and we will go from there!
merci senior!