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Trigger Match Spam


We are currently experimenting implementing a hashtag system with HelpSpot. Basically we have a push request that inspects the note, and if the note has hashtags in it, we record them to a separate table to investigate for trending, which we present via a custom page in HS. One thing we are finding to be a nuisance, is every time the trigger matches, which is almost all new and updated notes, the request is updated with “Trigger Match: Trigger-HashTag-Updated” . I know we can just show notes and no system messages in the view panel, is there anyway to not have the trigger updated the request in this fashion?


Hi Josh,

There’s not currently a way to supress the notes. As you seem pretty technical though, what you could do (if you’re careful!) is to simply delete those notes from the DB. Maybe have a script that just is on a cron (or windows schedule task) that goes through the HS_Request_History.tLog column looking for “Trigger Match: Trigger-HashTag-Updated” and deleting rows that match.

Like I said though, just be careful to make sure your logic limits to only that row. It won’t have references to other tables so it’s safe to delete, but you only want to delete that one not any others.