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Trigger Reminder Creation based on Custom Field's Date


Subject says it all: If a user supplies a date in a field that we set up for them, it’ll create an automatic reminder using that date. We would obviously select which custom field (since there may be more than one) and the other conditions.

In our case, we have a “Due Date” for some of our categories. Would be awesome to create a reminder based on that date for the tech.


I’d recommend a filter ordered by the due date for general management, but some kind of enhanced remindering could definitely be interesting. I’m not sure about with a trigger, but it’s something we’ll kick around.


We have (sort of) implemented something like that from the very beginning because we needed reminders.
We introduced a custom date filed, a reminder note field and a new status called “pending reminder”.
I then created two different triggers that put a ticket into or out of “pending reminder status”. It still needs to be a bit refined, because some notifications will not be triggered, depending on of the reminder is already due and the customer updates the ticket after due date, but it does the job reasonable well. It would be nice to have this implemented into the system, though. It is actually one of the very few features I liked with OTRS.