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Trigger to add CC if a certain keyword is typed?


I want to set up a trigger for a keyword (Chromebook) and a certain person submitting so that another person will be added to the public update email list until the ticket is closed. I assume that the “send to external email address” option will send one email, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I’m kind of a newbie with the Administrator side of HelpSpot as I only recently gained access to it from my boss.



There may not be a great way to do what you are looking for currenlty. Do you want this person to be assigned the request or simply “subscribed” to the request. Triggers can do assignments (which will then send all updates to that individual) but they can’t do subscriptions currently.


Alright, Thanks for the response. I’ll have the guy that works on the backend of our HelpSpot look at this instead. I figured there wasn’t a way, I just wanted to make sure that I had checked thoroughly before I gave the project up to someone else.