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Triggers or Automatic Request Push


I’ve been trying to work out how to do automatic request pushing. Whilst I appreciate that Request Push is currently a manual operation, it there anywhere that I could put some custom code to automatically do the same?

We’re trying to replicate what we currently do in Request Tracker in a Perl Scrip which creates reference SalesForce cases (with just a URL custom field linking back) via a http post.


Hi Mike,

You can’t directly do it, but you could use the web service API to poll HelpSpot and then do whatever you need to with the results. That would probably be easiest.

You’re trying to push to Salesforce or read from it? If you need to read from it then you should be looking at Live Lookup.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for that. Yes, using the API was my fallback position.

We do want to push to SalesForce - we just fake a Web-To-Case form submit so that the Sales guys can see customer cases (which just have a subject and a URL to HelpSpot) without us having to actually use SalesForce Cases for support. We’d probably use the Live Lookup as well but we don’t have SalesForce Enterprise so can’t use the APIs currently.

Mike Shepherd


Ah, gotcha.

Well, one other idea is using the automation rules to send an email to Salesforce. I don’t know anything about what Salesforce can do with an email and if it would be helpful to you, but that would be an option if it can accept emails and use them in a manner that would work for you.