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Trouble logging in after installation


I’m having a bit of trouble logging into helpspot. I’ve successfully completed the installation and I’m redirected to the login page. When I enter my credentials, I get a 404 error.

I’ve triple checked the base url in the config file, and scoured the forum, but I’m unable to find a solution. Any idea what might be wrong?

I’m uncomfortable posting the details of my installation in a public forum so here’s all I know to share at this point:

Assuming I login at:

After typing in username and password, I’m redirected to


Are you on Windows or Linux? What exactly is in config.php for cHOST (you can change the domain)?


Hey Ian. I’m on a linux vps. The cHOST value is

It’s installed in a subdirectory called helpspot in the public_html folder.


Are you redirect exactly to kinda curious the .php is missing. Perhaps you have some htaccess rules messing with stuff?


That was indeed the issue. I had to reset the htaccess rules from the parent directory. Thanks for the super quick responses! :smiley:


Great! Let us know if you have any other trouble.