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Trouble with comma when i export to a CSV



Before anything else, sorry for my english ^^

Is it possible to change the format when we export to a CSV ? like the comma by the semicolon.

I can’t export all my informations in a ticket, like my initial request.
Some tickets are automatically generated by cusomer’s mails and they have some time 1 or more commas.
And the comma, in my initial request, creates a conflict with the comma separator in the CSV export.

Thx for your help.


Hi Paul,

Our CSV output is wrapped in quotes so the comma between the quotes shouldn’t hurt the CSV parsing. Are you seeing CSV’s exported where each column isn’t wrapped in quotes?

There’s not currently a way to change the separator but really any separator could hit that without the quotes.


Thx for your answer,

I finally find a tips with your reply ad now I have all my informations quickly.

It will be an idea for a next update to can choose the separator for the CSV export or anoter format for this export.

Thx a lot Ian.


Thx Ian,

With your answer, I found a tip to exploit the export.

It could be a good idea for a next update to manage the separator in the CSV export or to have the choose with the format for this export.
It’s just a suggestion.

Thx again.


OK sounds good, thanks!