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Trying to run installer but page doesnt load, hust blank


I am trying to install it on a 1and1 server.
I have zend installed, but when I try to run installer.php, the page loads blank.

Am I supposed to change the “‘cBASEPATH’” setting?

Absolute path that my installation is in is: /homepages/29/d210789530/htdocs



Yes, Andrew has identified the likely issue. You must make sure you FTP the files in binary mode. A blank installer page is nearly always due to corrupted files by not moving them in binary (sometimes called application) mode in an FTP client.


Thank you.

I will attempt to re-upload the files.

One thing though, I noticed that when I delete the config.php file, then it the installer page loads, with an error stating that I have to rename/edit the config file.



ah, well you could have an error in your config.php file then. Check if you added an extra quote or left one out. If you want to email the file in to customer.service at we can take a look for you.