Trying to upgrade an old version

I tried to upgrade from 4.9.5 and got an error saying, “Current license is invalid”. I found the email with my license file from 2017 and used the software to reupload the txt file. I overwrote the files and tried again.
This time it went very quick, no errors, but no update with no errors but no update either.
I see this.

[root@web help]# /opt/cpanel/ea-php74/root/usr/bin/php hs update

Welcome to the HelpSpot Updater!

Checking License...

[root@web help]# 

Any thoughts on why it’s not updating?


I had my host get one of their server admins to help me with the above install attempt - that is when we received that message.

Can you offer any guidance on how we can upgrade to the current version?

Thank you