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Trying to use a php include function


I am trying to make HelpSpot blend better with my website, i have create a php include page in which i store most of my commonly used functions. One is a footer. It is just a table that creates consistency on my pages. Problem is, when i include it like i do on any of my other pages, nothing shows up down there. The rest of the page shows just not my included footer table. This is the code i am using:
On the footer.tpl.php page around line 36:

<?php include "/folder/folder/folder/" ; PageTop(); PageLower(); print $PageTop; print $PageLower; ?>

I use this code on all my dynamic pages, so i don’t know why it is not working.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Jen,

First, make sure that it’s just not visible. So view source on the generated page and make sure it’s actually not there.

The other thing to check is that your include is a full path all the way from the root of the web server. HelpSpot changes the php include path so your file will not be found if that path is not absolute.


Oh, one other thing. This code appears wrong, but not sure if you just pasted it wrong. The functions probably need to return something to set those variables right? So

$PageTop = PageTop();

then you can

echo $PageTop;