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Turning off auto-reply to Specific address


Is it possible to turn off auto-reply to a specific email address? We are getting Spam notifications from It creates a new ticket, which is ok because we want to see them, but then Helpspot sends the reply which bounces back because that address doesn’t accept email.

Thanks, Jaime


Was this question ever answered for you here or anywhere else on this site? I discovered the cause of my auto reply woes were due to email loop protection kicking in every time we got an email from our HCM system that generates a ticket for new hires. So I would love to disable auto-replies to that specific address the emails originate from to keep them from getting turned off for everybody else that emails in.


You can turn off auto replies on a mailbox in each mailboxes setting. What can be useful in these cases is to make a dedicated mailbox for batch emails like this and send them all to that and on that email account have HelpSpot’s auto replies off.

Another way to handle it without another mailbox is to turn off auto replies and then use a mail rule to send emails instead. Have conditions that limit to that mailbox and exclude the from address that’s causing the issue and use the instant reply action.


I did notice the instant reply option, if need be we can convert them all over to a mail rule I believe. I’m going to check with my Exchange administrator this morning as well to see if there is any tricks we can pull on our exchange for this since it is our systems the messages originate from. Thank you very much.