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Two issues I was hoping version 4 would resolve. Feature Request

  1. When adding a new user, by default all categories are checked. We have over 50 categories so we have to go through and uncheck all the categories the user is not a member of. It would be better if they were not checked by default and we could just select the categories.

  2. When group permissions are set to “Limit to assigned categories ONLY” and a user of this group chooses “Convert to Request” from the Menu of the original request, the newly created request immediately disappears for the user after they click OK because I’m assuming they can’t see the request when the Category is not set. They have to call and have an admin find the reqiest and assign it to their category. HelpSpot should allow the user to see the newly created blank request so they can assign the category to their category and save. Our users do this quite a bit.

This second issue has prevented us from using the “Limit to assigned categories ONLY “ feature.

Could you please add these to a near future update?

Thanks much


Hi Bill,
Thanks for these suggestions! For number one we have in the plans to integrate a “select all” or “select none” option in that area to improve the category assignment workflow.

The second item is another workflow improvement that we have on our enhancement list.



Great. The select all or none would be a great option.

The second item is more pressing for us as it preventing us from locking down our categories. Thanks for adding to the list.