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Two user questions



we have been using Helpspot since about a month and are very happy with the system. However, there are two user questions we would like to ask.

  1. When we use the function to search for previous requests and such requests exist we get a list of such requests we understand it should be possible to look at these requests by clicking the appropiate request number from the list. However, we then get the following error message:
    "Not Acceptable
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource /helpspot/admin.php could not be found on this server."
    What should we do to fix this error?

  2. Is there a way of handling incoming email that only has HTML-formatted text?

Best regards


Hi Jan,

  1. I’ve not seen this error before. Perhaps there’s a problem with the cHOST URL you specified in config.php. Make sure there’s no trailing slash on that URL. Let me know if that fixes it or not.

  2. In Admin->Settings->System you can set HTML only emails to either be escaped (the HTML is shown) or stripped (HTML is removed). For now there’s no way to have it be rendered as HTML. We are looking into rendering the HTML though in a future release.


Is that the only function that returns that error? Is /helpspot/admin.php the actual path on the server where this file is (meaning after the domain name)? Have you tried in an alternate browser (FireFox instead of IE or vice versa)?

It may be useful for me to login and see the error first hand if possible. If so you could send the information to customer.service at If not, a screenshot would be useful along with your phpinfo() output and a copy of your config.php (you can remove the database password).