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Unable to view private knowledge books when filling out request notes


When trying to create or respond to a request in the HelpSpot workspace in the notes section of the request I’m not able to see any of the private knowledge books that exist. I created a public book and it was visible. I need all books private because I don’t want them on the portal pages. However, I would like the helpdesk staff to be able to easily search and include content from the private books. Is there a way to do this from the notes section?


Hi Chris,

That’s not currently possible as that KB link system is primarily designed to insert links in the note which of course can’t be done with a private book. However, if they need to insert information what you probably want to look at is Workspace->Responses. Responses allow you to set the note but also set all kinds of other fields as well with one click so they’ve very handy for fast responses.


Thanks for the response - I didn’t realize that the KB selections were inserted into the note as a link. Given that, it makes complete sense why private books aren’t listed.

I will look into setting up global responses to take care of my desired behavior.