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"Unread" marker in "My Queue" not shown in Filters


I saw a lot of other messages in this forum about the unread marker but I didn’t read the specific answer to my question (or at least I didn’t interpret any of them to answer my question). The question is simple, in a custom filter is it possible to show the unread marker that I see in the My Queue view?


Hi Chris,

No, that’s not possible. This is because unread is related to you and the request. To show it in filters we’d have to track the unread status between you and every request for every user which would be a large burden on the system.

We have a few ideas on how to handle this in the future, but we’re still researching it. If you use the replied to column though (which is part of the filter by default) it’s very close to unread. It tells you if a staffer was the last person to reply or not, which in most cases is what you really want to know.