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Unsubscribing users from a thread?



I am a user with no admin privileges.
i create a ticket, then subscribe X, Y, Z to this ticket
now every time i update, X, Y, Z will be notified
However, i feel Y and Z need not be notified any more

How do i unsubscribe Y and Z from this ticket?
There is a way to subscribe selected users, but no way to unsubscribe them?

The user himself might be able to unsubscribe from the ticket.
however, if i can subscribe a user to a particular ticket, i should also be able to unsubscribe him

is there such an option? or other way out?


Hi Naveen,

Currently you can’t unsubscribe a user, they’ll have to do it on their own. If you’re not sure that people should be subscribed it may be easier to just notify them rather than subscribe them, this way it’s only a one time thing.



Thanks for the quick reply. It would be nice to have this feature in a project management perspective because users move in and out of projects and a ticket owner must be able to subscribe and unsubscribe users to the ticket.

I hope this will be thought about and implemented in the near future.



It’s definitely something we’ll consider. thanks!