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Update & Close creating duplicate emails to be sent



I’m noticing that when testing the trouble ticket process, if once complete I go to the upper right hand corner of the screen near the ticket number and above who the request is assigned to, then change the status to “complete” - then select Update and Close from the center of the screen - it sends one “Thank you” type email to the “customer”.

If I enter information in the center of the trouble ticket screen, and right below that select “Update and Close”, and then the pop up dialogue that says “choose a closing status” shows up - that 4 closing emails are sent - 2 of the status update, and 2 that say “thank you”, all with the same time stamp. Is this a glitch, or is there a setting somewhere that I am overlooking that could be causing this?

Also - is there any way to Archive the dialogue in the requests outside of the help desk? I’ve created filters for the client so that they can easily see the Closed requests, but they are a very large company and would like to know how to archive the information as opposed to only being able to see it in the help desk, for legal reasons, etc.


Hi Derek,

By default HelpSpot doesn’t send any thank you emails or other closing emails. It would only send an email if you provided a public note and then only with the content of that note.

Perhaps you’ve added a trigger that is not properly defined and causing multiple emails to go out?

On archiving the way this is worded is a little odd. Are you deploying HelpSpot for a customer and they want to have an archive? If so they have full access to the database so they could take backups (and should) whenever they want. You could also setup a global BCC so that all outbound email is BCC’d. All inbound email could also be sent to a special backup account by configuring that in the mail server.

If you mean you’re using the system and one of your customers wants backups of just their threads, there’s not a built in way to do that. They have all the emails of course, but anything more advanced would have to be custom.


Regarding the closing email - yes, that was a trigger I set up the first day of using HelpSpot and the issue relates to that. I’ve sorted through so many settings and documentation that I forgot all about doing that. Thank you!

And regarding the backup question - I did word that odd, but fortunately your response is through enough to where my question was answered.



Awesome! Yes, there are a number of settings but glad you’re getting the hang of it!