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Update & close feature not recording sent email



does anyone have the problem that if you receive a simple inquiry from a customer, and you take the ticket, place a quick response, and do a update & close with a status of problem and resolved, the email that you sent is not stored in the ticket history? I check the history and it just shows from open to closed status with the email of the customer.


The note should be in the history. The only exception is if you provide no note, then the request will close with only that log item.


Does this always happen or just on some requests? Does the email get sent properly to the customer?


We have noticed that when we click Update and Close and we have typed text in the editor the email is not sent or recorded.


There’s no known issues with that. This is obviously a very old thread you’re updating here.

Are you on a trial or did this start on your purchased license? Has anything changed with your installation?