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Update Large Database to 4.5


Attempted an upgrade from 3.2.12 to 4.5.4 in July.

My Database is about 20 Gigs. I was able to complete the encoding on a test database (I restored a copy of prod to a test server and ran the updates) The installer took a few hours to run, but successfully completed. This was were PHP and the DB were on the same server

I did have to use the command line PHP to allow the job enough time to run

Flash forward to prod, I did the install and tried to convert the database over, after 8 hours I only got about 50Megs in. I aborted and rolled back.

Any hints on how to convert the databases? the prod database server does not have PHP installed.


Hi Greg,
We’ll probably need to look at your install logs to see what went wrong. They should be located in this path if your rollback didn’t get rid of them: If you can send those to we can help get this straightened out.


One other thought here. In production with the database on a different server all the data in the entire database must travel from the db server to the HelpSpot server and back again. Where on the test machine it was local.

So perhaps there’s a networking issue that’s causing that data to move more slowly? It will always be slower than local of course, but 8 hours for 50mb definitely is off.


Thats exactly what I was thinking Ian,

Log file is on its way. the upgrade version I was using was 4.0.30, not 4.5.4


We found truncating the HS_Login_Attempts table before the update speeded-up the migration. I believe this table is now trimmed periodically in version 4.

We had already truncated the following tables too HS_Errors, HS_Filter_Performance & HS_Search_Queries.