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Update PHP and OpenSSL



I recently updated to 4.5.11 and to my surprise it was still using PHP version 5.6.15 which was released nearly a year ago and has a number of security vulnerabilities. Is it possible to update PHP when installed from the Windows installer? What is the HelpSpot’s policy regarding updating dependencies with vulnerabilities?

We have the same problem with openssl. We were hoping upgrading to 4.5 would update to a more recent, secure version of openssl but that does not appear to be the case.

Finally, where can I find what versions of php, myql, apache, etc are bundled with each installer?


We will be updating php in our next windows release. We don’t have the bundled versions listed anywhere currenlty. That’s something that I will see if we can add.

We should be able to do a manual upgrade to the latest php 5.6. You will want to download the latest 5.6 NTS x86 version (for iis) or 5.6 TS x86 (for apache) from the windows php distribution site

After extracting the download, make a backup of your current php folder found in your helpspot installation. Then stop your webserver. We don’t want to overwrite the entire php directory with the updated version as there are helpspot specific files and settings that would be lost. Instead copy all of the files (not folders) in the root directory of the download, into the root directory of your php folder in helpspot. Then do the same for each sub folder. This will preserve the helpspot customizations, but get you running on the latest binaries. After you have completed this process, start back up your webserver and you should be running the latest version of PHP.


Thanks for the info Matt. That sounds simple enough. Would upgrading PHP break our ability to upgrade with the installer in the future?