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Update to the installer


Hi All,

There’s been enough trouble with the installer that I’ve decided to redo part of it to make it more reliable across platforms. I thought it would be nice to have all the configuration variable handled through the web browser, but it’s turning into a pain for some people with file permissions and so on. About 15% of you have had some trouble with it and that’s too many.

Instead I’ll use the more traditional approach of having you define your database connection directly in the config.php file rather than having the system write it out for you. This should alleviate the write permissions issues as well as some other trouble the installer was having. It will also make the installation process even simpler.

So if you’re having trouble right now you might just want to wait until Monday when the new version is released. I’ll be sending out an email with the link to the new version then.

I know it’s hard frustrating work helping test a beta product and I very much appreciate all of your efforts.


I did think about that, but in the end it seemed more straight forward to just ship with the prebuilt config file and let customers fill in the details in the file. Then no permissions need to be changed. It’s also a process which many people are familiar with from other applications.

So far it’s working out well with the people who have downloaded the new version.