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Updates not mailing out


I put in a test ticket and I got emailed as the submitter, and I got an email at my support mailbox.

Then, I updated the ticket inseid helpspot, expecting that the update I made would email the person needing support.

I manually ran tasks.php, but nobody is getting mail.

What could I be doing wrong?


Hi Ben,

Outbound emails are sent instantly so there’s no need to run tasks.php for them.

The most common reason is that you haven’t clicked “private note” to make it say “public note”. Only public notes are sent out via email or shown in the portal.

If other emails are going out to notify you then it’s safe to assume your outbound email is technically setup right so that shouldn’t be a problem.

There is also a known bug with some emails addresses with .info and other long extensions not going out, but I assume you’re sending to a .com/.net/.org which all are fine.


Thanks for getting back to me. The emails are going to a .com address, and when I click the “public” link, which I think is the right one, it pops up a notice that says emails won’t be sent. I pressed it to make it public, but still didn’t receive those emails. I added another ticket, and got the initial emails. I’ll do some more tests though.


Also, isn’t the tasks.php supposed to check the email address I have assigned in case someone hits reply in the ticket, and it adds those remarks to the ticket, or do additions to the ticket only get added when they go to the website and enter then, not on email reply’s?


I think you’re just confused about one part here.

The public button you’re clicking is down in the request history. That is designed to make a request public which previously was not. It shows that item in the portal, but as it says, does not send out an email.

The button you want is right under the Note field. It says “private note” by default. However, if you click it you’ll see it changes to “public note” and also gives you some more options on setting a subject line, etc.

Let me know if that’s it.