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Updating a public note is slow


I’m self-hosting HelpSpot in a Windows 2008 environment. When updating a public note, it takes 8-15 seconds for the update to post. Updating a private note is instantaneous. The only difference I can see is that the public note is relaying an email via SMTP and the private note is not. I have tried two different SMTP servers, a public one (gmail) and our internal exchange. I’ve tried SSL and non-SSL, and all scenarios present identical behavior.

I have used HelpSpot in other environments for years and I’ve never seen this behavior. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to troubleshoot this further? I’m in the trial period, and this delay will be a dealbreaker for my team if I can’t resolve this latency.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Chet,

I think you’re correct in your analysis. Normally my first recommendation would be to change SMTP servers, but since you tried that my next guess would be a DNS issue or firewall or perhaps anti-virus on the server scanning outbound mail ports. Something that’s slowing down the connection to the smtp server.


I think it might be SMTP tarpitting that is causing this, waiting for my Exchange admin to confirm then I’ll post back.


Tarpitting was indeed the issue, it was enabled in order to prevent spammer directory attacks. We disabled tarpitting, since we have a trusted spam appliance in place in front of our exchange server, and the problem is gone.

If anyone cares, this is not an Exchange only problem, most SMTP servers support tarpitting.

Thanks Ian.


Ah, interesting. Great thanks for the update.