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Updating custom fields with a push request response


I am currently attempting to integrate our internal bug tracking system with Helpspot.

I have had some success, the push functionality is working but I would like to populate a custom field with the unique response ID which is returned.
I can see from the API manual that the details can display this value but I can’t see any way to populate a custom field.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated I am not greatly experienced with PHP.




Hi Kieran,

There’s no way directly for the push API to populate the field, however there are a few things you could do.

1- Use the Live Lookup API to query the bug tracker, which can then populate the fields. Though you won’t have the exact ID so you’d have to do it by some other method (or perhaps you can store the request ID in the bug tracker to then query on that).

2- Another method would be in the details to return a bit of javascript to set the custom field. So an HTML link that inserts the value, something like this should work as HS has the Prototype javascript library available on all pages:

<a href="" onclick="$(‘Custom##’).value=“PUT ID IN HERE”;return false;">insert ID

You’d replace the ## with the custom field ID and the PUT ID IN HERE with the value of the ID.


Thanks for that Ian, I am almost there with the return. The only thing that i need to fix is my details function. at present i have this:

function details($id){

	$html = "<html><body><a href=\"\" onclick=\"$('Custom6').value=\"'.$ID.'\";return false;\">insert ID</a></body></html>";

	return $html;

$ID is set from the push($request) as a global variable, I am getting push confirmations but the details link returns a blank window.

I am pretty much stuck at this point. :slight_smile:

again any pointers would be great.




Hi Kieran,

You don’t need to return the tag and tag just the HTML of the link itself will do. See if that helps.