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Updating from 4.5.11 to 4.6.3



It may help, as it feels like some files might not be in place. Note that you won’t need to re-crate the database or even re-run the installer - you can try replacing all the files after backingup the old ones, putting in a brand new set of files, and then creating/updating the config.php file to use the settings you had before (to re-use the same database, etc).

You may get some ideas for permissions, etc, from these guides:

Last note: If you ever do decide to move to a paid helpspot license, we can provide hosting and/or (if you want to self-install still) more in-depth support for these types of issues.



Well My IT department has 3 users in it right now. Once my department hires another person we would most likely move to a paid license.

However if updating helpspot breaks it I don’t think it will be a sustainable ticketing server.

I followed the instructions to update the server, didn’t back up my data directory because it didn’t have anything in it (fresh install 4.5.11) I updated to 4.6.3 and now I can’t get into my admin portal.

It’s shooting out this error: Error in exception handler:
“There is no existing directory at “./data/logs” and its not buildable: Permission denied in /var/www/html/vendor/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Handler/StreamHandler.php:161”