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Upgrade failure

Sorry for the newbie questions.
I have a single user free account.
For previous upgrades, I simply uploaded the new files, visited the site, an upgrader ran, and it was all set.
I uploaded the new files and now all I see is

This page isn’t working right now can’t currently handle this request.


I am not a server person, could you offer simple instructions on how to fix this?

I am running php 7.4

Thank you


Do you know what version you were on before, and what version you updated to?

You can likely find the actual error in one of two locations:

  1. HelpSpot 4: data/logs/helpspot.log
  2. HelpSpot 5: storage/logs/helpspot.log

Thank you for your reply
The log for version 4 is huge, 160MB.
There is no file for 5 as I didn’t get it running yet.
I was updating from a version a few months ago (sorry for not knowing) to the current version.
I thought prior versions updated upon visiting the admin page.
The most recent error seems to be from far before the attempted upgrade.

My host just pointed out these errors.

[19-Apr-2021 19:14:13 UTC] PHP Deprecated: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated in /home/pathlabt/public_html/help/helpspot/lib/utf8.lib.php on line 584

[19-Apr-2021 19:14:13 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare hs_setting() in /home/pathlabt/public_html/help/app/helpers.php on line 78