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Upgrading Hardware for Helpspot


Good Morning,

We currently run Helpspot on a Windows Server 2003 VM, and have found ourselves starting to run out of room. Our desire is to attach various documents to our articles in the KB. We are planning on buying a new server to host Helpspot on. Given that, do you have any recommendations on the size of disk space. We want to deploy a clean upgrade on a new server, that will have enough room to grow along with our organization and helpspot demands. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.


Steven Guptill, Hershey Systems Inc.


Hi Steven,

If you’re running HelpSpot on it’s own server it’s needs will be fairly modest, though it’s always dependent on your own situation. Any modern dual processor server with perhaps 160GB of space should last a long time.

For instance our installation runs on a 4 year old Dell with dual processors, 4GB of ram and 120 GB of disk space. Our server also hosts all are other websites with plenty of processor speed and room to spare.

Our hosted trial server is a new Dell (1u) also with dual processors, 4gb of ram and similar hard drive. It’s hosting hundreds of HelpSpot installations at any one time, again with plenty of resources to spare. Neither machine would be considered very high end. Both were in the $3,000 range, though I think you could go even cheaper and still have plenty of performance.

The only thing that really needs to be considered with the hard drive space is your email attachments. If you get lots of email attachments or send lots of them then that’s going to be the primary factor in terms of hard drive space.