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Upgrading says support licence expired for a free 3 user licence

I’m trying to update from 4.6.6 to latest version.
Our support ran out Dec 2012 but as we have only 3 users the free tier is applicable to us
However after updating the server files and running the Installer.php I receive the following message:

'Upgrade HelpSpot
Your support contract has expired. In order to upgrade you will need to renew your support contract. ’

How to proceed please


Your license must be specifically for the old account. You’ll need a new license that’s specifically for the free tier. The easiest way to do that is to create a new account by heading here and filling out the form on the right hand side.

You’ll get emailed a new license you can use.

Note that you may need to manually update the HS_Settings table to set your new customer ID (otherwise the license will fail to be updated in the Admin area).

UPDATE HS_Settings set tValue = 'new-customer-id-here' where sSetting = 'cHD_CUSTOMER_ID';