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URL pasted link issue


HelpSpot v4.5.7
Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)

I sometimes insert links to related HelpSpot requests in to a request I’m currently working on.

I recently copied the URL for a closed request in to a new request, and it seems the URL treatment of HelpSpot has corrupted the URL address.

Working link:

Broken link:
Visible: http://helpspot.pertronic.local/admin.php?pg=request.static&reqid=30029
Linked address: http://helpspot.pertronic.local/admin.php?pg=request.static&reqid=30029

It appears that “&” gets replaced with “& a m p ;” in the underlying address link (spaced for compatibility).


Brendan Pickford


Hi Brendan,
It looks like this was fixed in an update to the editor that is included in our latest release… The latest version correct escapes the text yet leaves the link along