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Use Markdown formatting in Knowledge Books?


I’m using the v3 beta.

Is is possible to use Markdown formatting for editing Knowledge Books? I’ve figured out how to turn off the WYSIWYG editor (which we’ve found hinders more than it helps), but unlike in the HTML Email setting, this doesn’t appear to enable Markdown.

Is there a way to enable it?


Further to that - can Markdown be enabled for forum posts, too?

We exchange a lot of code back and forth with our customers, so need a way to format it with spacing preserved.


Hi Drew,

The KB doesn’t currently support Markdown. You will need to type in HTML or if you just use spaces it will put in breaks but all other HTML would need to be hand done.

It isn’t possible to add Markdown support to forums at least in the near term because the forums do not support HTML at all and so that would be a fairly significant change. It’s something we’ll put down for future consideration however.


For the forums - I note that there’s some basic processing going on there. For example, URLs get turned into links.

If the forums don’t support HTML, I’m guessing that happens at runtime?

If so, is there any way a custom processing function could be hooked in at that point? If HS were to look for the function, and if it exists pass in the raw message, and the function would return the processed version.

Might that be a less significant change? It would work wonders for us.


Yes, it converts links so they’re clickable but otherwise all the text is assumed to be just text. Not impossible to change of course, but just not in a near term release.

Well, there’s not a direct hook. There is API access to the forums, so you could build your own UI. I believe the HTML will be escaped, but you could unescape it.

You are getting into a lot of work then though. I’d probably be inclined to use a full featured forum for that aspect of your business instead.

HelpSpot’s is really optimized for basic interactions with people who come by once in a while for support. If you’re having a more intense relationship via the forums then a full featured forum with profiles, signatures, etc can add a lot. It’s very common for customers with those needs to use that type of tool and then link to it from HS’s portal.