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User Login


Maybe I am just missing it or don’t know how to use search properly but I cannot find any information about making users create an account before being able to submit a ticket.

I don’t want to use LDAP or BlackBox and can see that, even though it doesn’t actually spell it out but should, a user can eventually create an account if they so happen to stumble in to the ‘Check on a Request’ page. It shouldn’t be that difficult really.

I am trying to evaluate this as a possible solution for my company. Is the wording for ‘Check on a Request’ editable so they know that they can create an account? Has anyone come up with a way to make users create an account before being able to create tickets?

Thanks for any info…


Hi Richard,

By default there is no way to force them to login. Logins in front of submitting requests often make more support as people don’t remember the login etc. So we think it’s better to leave it open as there’s really no downside to that.

That said, you could modify the portal templates to put the login in front of the request screen like it is on request check.