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User missing from Out of Office list


We have an administrative user who is not listed as a Forward target in the Out of Office drop-down in the user preferences.
All the other users are listed, just not this one admin. Of course, it’s the admin who covers folks when they are OOTO, so it’s causing us a little grief.
Any ideas on what we can look at to determine what’s going on?


Hmm, the only people who should not be listed are deleted users and yourself. This might be an issue if that admin is attempting to go in and edit other users to assign the out of office to themselves. Perhaps that’s what you’re seeing?


Hey Ian. Yep, the user was trying to redirect an OOTO colleague’s tickets to himself.
Is there a reason why the signed in user can’t select themselves from the drop-down?

Is there also a reason why when someone else sets those settings for them (another admin for instance, sets USER A’s tickets to redirect to USER B), that they see the OOTO user as “Available”?
That seems pretty confusing from an administrative standpoint. I’m just curious what the logic was behind that.


Yes, it’s a little odd and the good news is it’s actually changed in version 4! So, you will be able to do that shortly.

As for the labeling, you mean when editing the user as an admin the out of office list of users doesn’t show which users are currently in or out of office? If so that’s a good point. We haven’t made a change there yet, but it’d be a good one to add.


Well actually I mispoke, it does label the users who are currently out of office in that drop down. So perhaps you mean something else?