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Users satisfaction surveys


Hi !

We’d like to start implementing user satisfaction surveys on helpspot. Basically, when closing a ticket, we’d like to add the possiblity for our users to “rate” the support they’ve received. (simple rating would work, 1 to 5 stars + potential comment).

Has anyone been able to implement something similar ? if yes, what tools did you use ?

Thanks in Advance !


You can do this with pretty much any survey tool. Common ones include Survey Monkey and Poll Daddy. In terms of HelpSpot, you can setup an ‘on update’ trigger, when open/closed changes to closed then the action is to send an email with the link to your survey.

Most tools would also let you pass in info if you want like the request ID or other things.


I would like to do that with helpspot. When the ticket get closed then a simple survey is sent to the end user. Nothing fancy, just a way to get some kind of feedback attached with each ticket. Anybody has a solution?


You can use a trigger as I described above and use just about any of the free survey tools. We are researching a built in survey tool, but we haven’t decided when that may be included yet.


I am trying to do exactly this. After reaching out to Survey Monkey and getting a link for an embedded survey; when I try inserting the JavaScript code into my email (which is set as a trigger to be sent whenever a ticket it close) – it doesn’t work. I checked the code, and it works just fine if using it in a webpage, however the email doesn’t seem to understand the javascript.



Is there an update to my question above?

Thank you


You’re not going to be able to use Javascript in an email, that won’t work. You can only use a link to open up to the survey page.