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Using helpspot behind a proxy



I have helpspot set up behind an apache proxy server, and I am passing /helpspot from the main
server to the helpspot server on the backed. Everything works well, except that css is being generated
using “$this->cf_url” and is self referencing which is causing it to not work for me. <->

I know there are 2 variables in the config.php which deal with the webserver host,


How are these variables being used? It seems that cHOST may be used for this sort of thing and
safe to fix, as I’ve read some forum posts where people put the wrong host in here and broke css
(among other things).

Any input on this would be appreciated. Since helpspot is encoded with ioncube I can’t just look for
myself. Thanks.


Hi Bob,

Are you using this for a secondary portal or your primary installation is also behind the proxy server?

If it’s only the portal giving you trouble you could modify the URL’s to be absolute to where you need them rather than the variable placeholder but you’d need to maintain that change.

I don’t think that should be necessary though if you’re using a secondary portal. In that case just make sure you have the proper URL in it’s settings and that you’ve updated config.php for the secondary portal after that setting is changed.


we have a primary and secondary portal both behind the proxy. is there a way to provide a portal url for primary? is cHOST used for this?


Yes, cHOST is used for the primary portal. IF that’s giving you trouble on the portal for some reason you could always not use the primary portal at all and just use 2 secondary portals.