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Using HelpSpot Internationally - setting up append responses



Up until last year we only provided support in English, making the append response tool easy to configure and use. Now we service 3 lanagues and are about to add 2 others. Is there a way to allow multi-lingual support staff to have access to the ‘append responses’ that are in the languages they speak and hide the extra languages for other staff? Right now everything is set-up as ‘global’, however this is not the most efficient.

Please let me know if there’s a known work around or any word on getting this updated?

What I would like to do is be able to set-up ‘append response’ groups - so that I can show/hide the replies available to the staff based upon language.


Heather H.
uShip, Inc.


Hi Heather,

What you could do is us subfolders. So have the top level be the language and then below that the categorization. You couldn’t hide the other languages but they would just be ignored by the staff.

You create sub folders by separating the name with / so:

English / Sales
French / Sales

you can go up to 3 deep:

English / Sales / Product A