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View unassigned items without clicking 'Take It'?


Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not seeing a way for staff to view an unassigned issue other than clicking the ‘Take It’ button to assign it to them.

I know you can click on the initial comments to expand the line item- is that the only option?


If you want to view items without taking them you could create a filter with the same criteria as the inbox. So a filter set to show open and unassigned requests. That will create a filter where you can click in and see it without it being assigned.


Ok. That’s what I already did. I was hoping for being able to get the ‘Request ID’ hyperlinked like in the filters. I don’t see much point in displaying the request ID if you can’t click on it to view the item. Consider it a feature request.

Picky developer here- your software caters to the worst possible kind of customer… :wink:

Thanks for the reply.


You can, it’s the first column in every filter automatically. If you create a filter it should have an initial column which is a clickable link to the request. Did you actually create the filter or just test it?

Heh, I’m used to it :slight_smile:


I know it is in the filter; that’s how I have it set up. I’m talking about the Inbox.


Ah, no you can’t add it to the inbox. You can however make your filter your replacement inbox by setting it as your default workspace. That option is right down next to the edit button.

I should note that the inability to add this to the inbox is on purpose. The goal of the inbox is in fact to make staff take the ticket. That’s because once it’s owned by someone, anyone then it’s much more likely to get worked on promptly even if that person needs to reassign it to the proper person. One of the major problems with many help desk systems is they make it easy to look at the ticket without taking it. This allows staff to easily cherry pick requests.

This may not be appropriate for your case so you can use the filter work around, but that’s the general logic.


I understand completely.

You should add that little tidbit to the documentation somewhere. :wink:


Will do Nick. We’re actually in the process of expanding the docs with a lot more information and this will definitely be a part of that.