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Wav file attachments


I have tickets with wav file attachments and when I try and open the ticket I get a server error 500 in IE and blank screen in Chrome and Firefox. If i preview the ticket I can play the file or download the file I just can’t open the ticket… Any suggestions?


Hi Doug,

Is there anything else odd other than just the wav files? Lots of notes or something like that?

It’s odd that it would do a full page 500 like that from a history item as the history loads separately.


There is not great deal of text. These are emails coming from the voicemail server with voicemails attached. I have tried different attachments like word, excel, zips, ect. they all work.


Hmm, ok we’ll have to log that as a bug and take a look. We’ll let you know if we can’t recreate it or need any other info.


I was checking in on this to see if you had a chance to duplicate the issue. I have more time and was going to do more testing on my side since the call center is riding me about getting this fixed. Thank you sir.



I found our our issues and it is the fact that our Database grew to 35GB and attachments were going to the database. I switched to move attachments to the local drive and it seems to be working. Sorry to waste your time.


Ah, great!

Version 4 is going to move attachments to disk by default and we’ll probably also have a way to archive old stuff as well so should be able to get that big DB cleaned up for you in the next release.