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Way to export issues deemed bugs to another system


I’ve been going through the manual, but I have not seen this. Is there a way to take a support issue and label it a bug which would move it out of the system in a xml file or some other file? We would like the help desk to interface with our other system (test track pro) when an issue has to move to development.


Hi Greg,

There isn’t currently a way to do this. We actually looked into this very early in development but found that most popular bug tracking tools have no API to feed into. So the only way we could have done it is via direct database manipulation which would be a risky route to go.

This is something we want to add though. Current thinking is that when we release the HelpSpot API in v2 it will be possible to write one off scripts for different systems using the API to pull out request data and then send it to the bug tracker.

In the meantime you could directly pull the information out of the DB. Perhaps have a simply page where staff simply enter the HelpSpot ID and the script goes and gets the request information and sends it to your bug tracker.


A “Send To FogBugz” option would be really useful.

I know that people often see HelpSpot and FogBugz as competitors, but I agree with Ian’s articles that they are not - I actually discovered HelpSpot this way (we were all ready to buy FogBugz when I read an article comparing the two and decided to go for HelpSpot instead).

We really, desperately need a good helpdesk system, I would like a better project/defect/request management system. If the two were nicely connected that would be great!

Or maybe this is an opportunity for a third party…


I think this is something that will be added in the v2 release. It will probably be a generic ‘export request to…’ option which you can then write modules for to export where you want. They’ll be a few common ones we’ll provide like FogBugz, Bugzilla, etc. but you could also write your own.